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Unspoken words lost treasures.

Early in my life, I discovered the power of the right word at the right time. Where I acquired this skill is a mystery to me. So I attribute it to my parent's friends and family. I also faintly remember a few positive comments from teachers and professors. Words are so important in education, the workplace, and relationships. I will forever be a student of language and the power of words.

Not all of my word choices have been winners. I have been and always will be an introvert. When I began dating, I had no clue. Words were not my friend. I suffered many a defeat to the opposite sex. After revisiting those memories, I now realize that if someone likes you. Words only add to the connection. Words are so crucial to a healthy relationship.

I hope and pray to show others how to use unspoken words to improve this world. It starts with our relationships. We are so afraid to be vulnerable. The word love scares people so much that we are afraid to use it. Rejection is the scariest part of a new or an old relationship.

Once I make a visual choice for whom I like. I expect that they will like me. When I was young, if a girl smiled at me, she was my girlfriend. No wonder so many of us were heartbroken. I don't know if that expectation goes away. So I built up armor. Suppose a girl was attracted to me. She would have to let me know. Luckily I graduated and gained the confidence to ask some beautiful girls out for dates.

Confidence gave me the strength to be vulnerable. It took years for me to build a healthy identity of myself. Finally, I realized I was worthy and deserving to be loved and that I was a good person.

My wife and I are part of our church's married couple’s ministry. One of the most incredible relationship lessons is that people have long relationships with their partners and are afraid to use their unspoken words. If you can’t share your unspoken words with your partner, you are burying your treasure. A great relationship is a life-changing treasure. Trust your partner and share your unspoken words. You will both be healed.

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